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Resources and quality

  • Laflora has the total area of 1,594 Ha of raised peat bogs under licence for peat extraction.
  • The total amount of available peat resources are 41,500,000 M3 of lightly decomposed peat.
  • Laflora holds the KRASS certificate, which confirms the quality of peat lands and peat extraction process.
  • The qualitative properties and decomposition rate of our peat resources are ideally suited for use in professional horticulture, which has been recognised by many professionals.

quality of peat

The peat in our peat bogs consists of partially composed moss and has very low proportion of wood peat and very low ash content. The peat also has low total concentration of water dissolving salts, which makes it possible to provide sufficiently high doses of nutrients with basic fertiliser. Peat is essentially sterile material, which does not contain plant decease pathogens, pests or weed seeds. Initial acidity of good raised bog peat is 2.6 - 3.2 pH/KCl.


By using two different technologies Laflora extracts two types of peat from it’s peatlands, these are milled peat and block peat. Annually extracted amounts are 400,000 M3 of milled peat and 140,000 M3 of block peat.