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Peat extraction certificate

Latvian Peat Association issued certificate is a proof of high quality peat extraction process as well as liable extraction site that is renewable every two years. 

KKS Trademark

Laflora holds the Latvian Patent Board trademark certificate that includes the KKS application in the national register of trademarks under No. M61950.



Extracting peat

Peat extraction sites are controlled and regularly inspected. All technological procedures are observed on the spot, including quality control of raw materials. 

Cleansing peat

In the process of production, peat is cleansed of contaminants (such as roots, particulate matter, etc).

Product Check

Production tests require measurements of pH levels, evaluation of structure, moisture, absorbency and electrical conductivity. Product tests are done after 24 hours and then after 10 days.


The archive holds two samples from each batch of substrates for two years. 



Packaging and storage

Control over packaging

The volume of packed peat substrate is controlled in accordance with the EU regulatory requirements (No. EN 12580 for improving and growing medium volumetric measurement for soil).

Product placement

Up to 400 car loads can be stored on the field at the same time, which means well thought through logistics as well as product delivery to the customer. 


Individual approach to customers

Individual consultations

Every customer is given advice on specific products in accordance to their needs. 



Export logistics service

Assured road infrastructure guarantees cargo flow throughout the year. The mass is usually weighted with the weight of the vehicle, while the drivers are accommodated in hygienic facilities.